Elise is a dynamic business and organizational development specialist with a passion for empowering teams.

Coming from the cold climate of Sweden, she now brings her experience to warm and sunny Portugal as a professional speaker and educator. With experience in managing adult education schools in the largest educational group in Northern Europe, Elise’s experience as an executive manager and professional educator sets her apart.

Her journey began in sales and marketing, where she discovered the parallels between motivational leadership and sales communication protocols. It’s all about understanding the needs. Elise firmly believes that understanding the intricacies of human motivation and emotions is the cornerstone of effective leadership. Her mission is clear: transform employees from a cost center into a motivated force that significantly increases a company’s results.

The name Evolspiraton is a creative combination of the words “Evolutionary” and “Inspiration”. It came up during a brainstorming with Elise’s sister Marita. She invented the name.

Evolutionary means “process of gradual change and development”. Creating a motivated and inspired team performing their very best takes time and continuity. To be inspired from excellent leaders who understands the human needs behind motivation can not be only a special happening. Inspiration needs to be a part of an everyday routine.

Many companies invites their employees to one or two days per year with entertainment, motivational speakers and other high energy inspiration. These events is like an injection and most employees are filled with happiness and commitment afterwards. For a day or two….. It’s like a sugar rush, it drops fast. Investing thousands of euros in events like this without a proper routine for keeping the motivation up on an every day basis, will not give the return on investment wanted.

Evolspiration gives leaders the tools needed to keep track on the teams wellbeing and to make it easy and time efficient to inject inspiration continuously for a steady and reliable performance and profit.